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From: fred peters
Subject: early cum loving yearsI know that men in general, and probably most people in fact, don't have my
overwhelming love for man cream... I can't help it any more than I can help
breathing.. Since the first drink of hot creamy man juice, I've been
addicted... Young as I was at the time, and I was about thirteen, there
were a lot of opportunities for drinking cum... though I love the taste, no
matter that it changes from man to man. I was lucky enough to have a couple
of close friends that were willing to try almost anything. Over the years I
was in high school I always had a group of boys and men willing to feed me
almost daily.. young teen mpg
Once I discovered the out of the way rest rooms, the park
rest rooms, and of course the shopping center rest rooms, I made myself
available to be picked up often...My first time with a teacher in high school, I was fourteen at the time and
a freshman, I sort of stumbled on to incest links young it... I was in the boys rest room,
next to the Teacher's Lounge, shortly after school had let out for the
day... I had an upset tummy and was sitting in the last stall, trying to
get comfortable.. It was quiet and when the door opened, I didn't even
think to close the door to my stall.. I had been jacking my cock, killing
time, and when Mr. Edmonds came in he caught sight of what I was doing in
the mirrors over the sinks.. He kind of shook his head, and headed for the
urinals.. He finished then came to wash his hands and looked in at me... I
had cleaned myself, and was trying to hide the bulge in my pants as I moved
to wash my hands... I stood next to him and he looked at me and asked ekstreme young sex
if I
was OK... I replied that I was fine, and as he turned to go, I asked if he
was OK... Turning to me, he glanced down at my now well tented trousers and
asked if there was anything he could do for me... Thinking since it was
only the two of us there I would take a chance, I answered that I did
indeed need some help... speaking quietly, I said I wanted very much to see
his cock...Mr. Edmonds was not surprised at all it seemed... without saying a word, he
unzipped and pulled out a thing of rare beauty.. about five inches soft, or
semi hard, and fat... "I've heard around the school, from boys that should
know, that you like cum", he said. Nodding I pulled him toward the last
stall, entered with him and closed the door... sitting on the stool with
him standing before me and without unfastening his pants, I commenced to
suck his soft but quickly hardening cock... It grew handsomely and was soon
more than a mouth incest links young full... He opened his pants displaying boxer shorts with
a button. He opened that and his pants slid to his mid thighs, giving me
all the room I needed to do him right... though I was young, I young teen mpg
had sucked a
lot of cocks, both big and little, so taking him to the limit was no big
deal... He soon lodged himself in my throat, and breathing through my nose,
I gently sucked his big poker like a younger nude toplist baby.. He held my head in his hands
and hunched his ass back and forth, fucking my mouth like a pussy...
holding my head, he eased his cock from young spank my mouth and then turned and
presented his ass to my face.... "Let me feel you tongue a little", he
said. Prying the rather large cheeks apart, I began licking the ever
widening crack... soon I found the crinkled little hole, the source of so
much pleasure to both my self and anyone else... I dragged my tongue back
and forth across it, then inserted my tongue just inside the little hole...
He sighed, pushing his ass harder into me... I commenced to fuck him with
my tongue, then turned him and swallowed his big cock to the root.. He was
ready and as I nursed the big head while kneading his balls, He again took
my head in his hands and fucked himself deeply down my young boi
throat.. while
nursing him I eased a finger into ass, as I passed the knuckle, he began to
cum... My God, it seemed an endless stream.... I held him there until he
began to soften... then felt him piss a little into my mouth, looking up I
nodded and he let go a stream which I drank with pleasure.... Taking his
cock from my young men masturbating mouth, he pulled his pants up and handed my a card with a
telephone number.... Call later this evening, it read... I pocketed it and
sat waiting while he left...He had hardly gay young boy
gotten out the door until another Teacher entered... An older
man, someone I didn't know... He walked to the urinals, unzipped and began
to pee... I moved to the other end of the urinals and unzipped and let my
now half hard cock hang out... I stood there with my hands hot young teachers
on my hips
looking down at my cock... I looked up and saw the Teacher looking at my
cock... I clinched my ass and caused my cock to jump, then, still not
closing my pants, I turned to face him... He was nervous, lips dry, licking
them, he moved toward me.... still not speaking he reached for my cock... I
simply stood, still with hips thrust forward and let his warm hand take
me... It felt good... I wanted him... Reaching out, I took his hand and led
him to my favorite stall... going inside, I sat and reached behind him to
close the door.... He pulled me to my feet and locking his arms behind me,
let his lips close over mine... I loved the way he kissed... lots of
tongue, his breath was sweet, and he was so gentle.. He was at least in his
sixties... still in good shape but much older than I was used to... I
fumbled with his fly and finally removed his small cock... rock hard but no
more than five inches... It had a nice big head, bell shaped and was
already leaking... Taking my face in his hands, he looked into my eyes and
asked if he could suck me.. nodding I pushed him to his knees and buried my
cock in his hot mouth... He was an expert cock sucker... he made love to it
in a slow, gentle way... dipping his head he took my balls in his mouth,
licking, mouthing, laving, using every talent a really good cock sucker
enjoys... He turned me and licked my ass... bending me over, he forced his
tongue, then a finger into me.. I whimpered, pushing hard onto his face...
his tongue again buried it's self in my ass, he was wiping me with that
active tongue... tasting, wanting everything I could give... " I'm about to
cum", I whispered.... with that he turned me and took me all the way into
his throat... I'm not that big, maybe six inches, but I was shoved into his
hot sucking throat... His finger in my ass triggered my cum shot, and I
must have continued to throb and shoot for a full minute...Soon, I was on my knees in from of him, his cock, while small was big
around and as I said the bell shaped head just gave me a nice mouthful...
His ass cheeks were not as tight as some I've enjoyed but wanting to please
him as he had pleased me, I turned him and licked between the cheeks... he
was clean and I found his ass to be a delight... I sucked it, kissing the
round lips, putting my tongue inside, then turning him and swallowing his
heavily leaking cock.... He slammed into my face, pumping hard, then as the
big tube on the bottom of his cock swelled, he gave me the biggest load of
cum I ever had... I know guys lie all the time about how much they cum,
this guy didn't lie, it was a cupful.. Before he left, he gave me his
number and hot young teachers
asked that I call, young mkdel anytime....After my Mom and Dad went to bed that night, I called Mr. Edmunds number.
He answered, then asked if I had had enough cum for the day, hearing me say
I could not get enough, he invited me to his place, about three blocks from
our house, in an Apartment complex... Slipping out the side door, for which
I had a key, I walked quickly ekstreme young sex to his place... He greeted me and introduced
me to another Free young gay man and a much younger boy... I expect the boy could not have
been more than twelve or thirteen... We were all soon undressed and the
adults young naked children indicated they wanted to see the boy and I, his name was Mack, make
love for them... I walked to him, took him into my arms and brought my face
down to his.. He was well schooled and as I pushed my tongue into his
mouth, he began sucking me... his hands were also busy with my cock, gently
stroking me and cupping my balls... placing my hands on his shoulders, I
pushed him onto the thick carpet... turning as he was asain young porn going down, I managed
to put my legs on each side of his head, my cock hanging slack over his
face... Rising to my knees, I let my ass settle over his pretty face... he
was eager... grasping my hips, he buried his hungry tongue in my ass
hole... He was wild with it.... He wanted to suck, and didn't seem to need
to breathe.. Finally I fell forward on my hands and dipping my head, took
his tiny cock in my mouth... He was hairless, his cock no more than three
inches, balls in a tiny sack, hugging his body in the Vee of his legs.. I
loved his little cock, then took the ball sack into my mouth, laving it
before mouthing his tender little ass hole.. He was tight, and though
clean, I could tell he had been fucked... I removed my cock from his mouth,
pulled his Joe young wheels legs up over my shoulders, and taking a tiny bit of KY, pushed
first a finger, then my six inch cock slowly into him... His face was
angelic and taking his mouth, I began fucking him.... He kissed me and
moaned, incest links young whimpered, even cried a little, soon he was calling for his Daddy
to fuck him.. feeling a hand on my shoulder, I moved aside and let his Dad
take him... My cock was about to explode, so I moved to his head and placed
it on his mouth, as he opened for me his Dad pressed his mouth to me so I
was enjoying Father and Son sucking... It caused my cum to surge out and
into both their mouths... Mr. Edmunds caught me as I fell back and pulled
me in between his legs.... His cock was rearing it's head and wanting some
action... I, hungry for cum, swallowed him to the pubes.... He, turned on
by the scenes he had been watching soon gave down a liberal amount of cream
for me... I sucked and loved him until he was soft... Meanwhile the father
had began to hunch wildly into the son, and with a groan I saw the Father
cum in his boy's ass... He kissed the child softly, then asked if I would
clean he and his son, which I was only too happy to do.. The boy squatted
over my face, pushing out with his little pucker, and as I put my lips to
the hole, he commenced to dribble his Dad's cum into my mouth...They, Father and Son, soon left, and Mr. Edmonds wanted to fuck me so I let
him, then hurried home to sleep with the taste of ass and cock on my
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